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   AIBE was established in 1999 and since then has been considered as the largest alliance of trading entities in Lithuania and Latvia in terms of stores amount. 1999 is also the year when AIBE, the largest alliance of trading entities, was founded in Baltic countries. The mentioned alliance is an independent union of traders, based on principles of Unity and Partnership and connecting over 200 trade entities that manage over 900 stores in Lithuania and Latvia.

   Reasons for joining Trading Entities Alliance "Aibe"?

   Larger flows of goods present a possibility for the Trading Entities Alliance "Aibe" to negotiate with suppliers on maximum discounts for its members thus introducing an opportunity to reduce trade prices in stores. Work within the Alliance helps its members to save significant amounts of money and time, intended for activity administration thus increasing entity's profitability.

   All members of the Alliance are ensured in terms of better conditions of activity and compatibility as follows:

  • We start to form an assortment that meets buyers' expectations and needs pursuant to principles of modern trade and market research;
  • ensure friendly conditions of purchasing the goods;
  • create plan schemes of storing the goods within shelves in a store;
  • prepare a common system of promos in order to induce and maintain growing trade amounts;
  • perform maintenance and support of store daily routine;
  • ensure a centralized permanent goods delivery from logistic warehouses;
  • offer a unified IT accounting system;
  • provide additional benefit that could be discussed when contacting our Business Development Department.

   Any entity that meets requirements on food trade could become a member of the Trading Entities Alliance "Aibe". Our Business Development Department will estimate your store (-s) and financial statements, and present its offers/conclusions.

   Would you wish to grow and develop your business successfully in order to be a leader within your region?

   Contacts in Lithuania. Rita Burokienė, the Manager of Business Development Department,
   Contacts in
Latvia. Mareks Kudulis, the Manager of Business Development Department,

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